Where do Deandre Jordan and Wesley Matthews Fit Now?

Amidst all of the ridiculous Anthony Davis trade rumors, the Mavericks and Knicks quietly and quickly made a trade that stunned the entirety of NBA fans. Kristaps Porzingis was moving on from New York to play in Dallas. In addition to Dennis Smith Jr. and a couple of first-round picks, the Knicks took in return Deandre Jordan and Wesley Matthews who appear to either be traded or bought out by the trade deadline.

While they don’t provide the Mavericks with a ton of value, they have the opportunity to get a couple more first round picks and maybe even some young players to team up with the deadly European duo in Dallas.

Rumors show that the Rockets have been interested in Wesley Matthews almost all season, along with the majority of the contenders. Anytime you can add an amazing three-point shooter to your team for a minimal price tag, contenders tend to jump out at the opportunity. Deandre Jordan is a little more interesting. Not many teams are in the market for a 30-year-old center who happens to be a liability on offense. Let’s take a look at a couple potential trades for the Mavericks to get these contracts off of their books, while also attaining some potential draft picks.

Wesley Matthews to the Los Angeles Lakers

Knicks Recieve: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Michael Beasley, 2020 Second Round Pick

Lakers Recieve: Wesley Matthews

It’s no secret that Lebron James loves shooting role players. Take a look at the group he put together in his last year in Cleveland: George Hill, Kyle Korver, Kevin Love, Channing Frye, J.R. Smith, and Rodney Hood. Wesley Matthews fits perfectly into that same category, and the Lakers may be looking to acquire some veterans with the Anthony Davis trade screeching to a halt for the time being. In return, the Knicks acquire Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who can either be bought out or traded again and Michael Beasley who would be another cheap buyout; they essentially get a second round pick for free.

Deandre Jordan to the Los Angeles Clippers

Knicks Recieve: Marcin Gortat, Milos Teodosic, 2019 Second Round Pick

Clippers Recieve: Deandre Jordan

Well, this could get awkward. Less than a year after Deandre Jordan left the Clippers in free agency and was replaced by Marcin Gortat, they could be getting swapped again. The Clippers are in very likely contention for a playoff spot right now, and the one thing they’re missing is a dominant, rebounding center. Marcin Gortat has started the majority of the games for the Clippers and Boban has played a major role off of the bench, but Deandre Jordan fills the one major hole on this Clippers’ team. While a potential homecoming could start as awkward, I think both sides of the reunion would eventually agree that this is what’s for the best.

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