Who Really Deserves to be an All-Star this Year?

The second round of results of fan voting came out today and unsurprisingly, there are some mistakes. The all-star game is purely entertainment-based and oftentimes the best players miss out on the game so older players on the tail ends of their careers can make it one last time. My teams are based purely off of play from THIS season. Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose will likely make the game, but I’m not sure they completely deserve it.

Western Conference All-Stars

Captain: James Harden (7th)

Backcourt Starter: Stephen Curry (6th)

Frontcourt Starter: Lebron James (15th)

Frontcourt Starter: Kevin Durant (10th)

Frontcourt Starter: Anthony Davis (6th)

Bench: Paul George (6th)

Bench: Russell Westbrook (8th)

Bench: Damian Lillard (4th)

Bench: Nikola Jokic (1st)

Bench: Karl-Anthony Towns (2nd)

Bench: Demar DeRozan (5th)

Bench: Donovan Mitchell (1st)

Eastern Conference All-Stars

Captain: Giannis Antetokounmpo (3rd)

Backcourt Starter: Kyrie Irving (6th)

Backcourt Starter: Victor Oladipo (2nd)

Frontcourt Starter: Kawhi Leonard (3rd)

Frontcourt Starter: Joel Embiid (2nd)

Bench: Kemba Walker (3rd)

Bench: Ben Simmons (1st)

Bench: Bradley Beal (2nd)

Bench: Blake Griffin (6th)

Bench: Jimmy Butler (5th)

Bench: Nikola Vucevic (1st)

Bench: D’Angelo Russell (1st)

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