My Issue With De’Aaron Fox

On May 20, 2017, my hatred for De’Aaron Fox began. I posted an article about why I believed Frank Ntilikina would be the best fit for the Kings in the draft, not Fox. Nine days later, I posted another article about why I believed Fox had no chance to become a star in this league. On July 8 of that same year, Fox played his first game in a Kings’ jersey. Once again, I was disappointed with yet another article. On December 30, 2017, I shocked the world once again, claiming that Frank Mason may be better than De’Aaron Fox.

Reading back what I wrote about Fox over a year ago is interesting. At the time, my issues with Fox were solely attributable. I didn’t like his jump shot and didn’t think his speed was enough to carry him into NBA stardom. While Fox has proved me wrong to this point, another issue has sprouted. The Kings’ organization seems to have become delusional with De’Aaron Fox’s potential. Just because he was a top-five pick and labeled as a future NBA superstar, there may be better guys for the job.

This season, I have become a HUGE fan of Buddy Hield’s game. Along with Stephen Curry, Hield is the only other player in the league to have made 100 three-pointers while maintaining 40% shooting from beyond the arc. My confidence in Hield’s three-point shot is indescribable. It seems every time he pulls up from deep, all of Sacramento rises to their feet.

Unfortunately, the Kings’ delusion in Fox may be stunting the growth of Buddy. Over the Kings’ losing ways in the past couple weeks, Buddy Hield lights up the floor offensively in the first three quarters. Don’t get me wrong; De’Aaron Fox is a great facilitator and an extremely athletic and versatile point guard, but Buddy Hield needs the ball in his hands towards the end of the game.

As the first member of the Kings to average 20 points since Demarcus Cousins, Buddy Hield is the best player on the Kings. I really do appreciate De’Aaron Fox’s skillset, but that skill set doesn’t cater to taking shots at the end of the game. Fox is getting better every day and who knows? Maybe one day, Fox will be the guy taking the shots at the end of the games, but for the time being, De’Aaron Fox is stunting what could be a most improved player season for Buddy Hield.

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