Crazy NBA Trades – Brandon Ingram to the Orlando Magic

With midseason quickly approaching, many NBA storylines we may not have expected at the beginning of the season are beginning to write themselves. Bradley Beal might want out of Washington too. Kemba Walker might finally be moved to a contender. The Mavericks may look to move on from Dennis Smith to find a new counterpart for Luka Doncic. The Lakers may need to find a new home for Brandon Ingram.

In real life, it may take a while for the logistics of a Brandon Ingram trade to go through. In my world, however, I want trades to happen… FAST! I will take control of all the NBA teams to make the league more entertaining, give some teams a better future, and some a chance to compete with the top dogs right now.


Lakers send Brandon Ingram to the Magic in return for Nikola Vucevic

Lakers Recieve: Nikola Vucevic, 2020 Protected First Round Pick

Magic Recieve: Brandon Ingram, Moritz Wagner

Wait! Before you click off thinking I just threw a bunch of random young players together, every piece of this trade was thought out and has an explanation. I know this wouldn’t ACTUALLY happen, but the trade actually helps all teams involved.

For the Lakers

Interestingly enough, the Lakers have been reportedly interested in moving on from Brandon Ingram for quite awhile. Many speculate that he could be the centerpiece of an Anthony Davis trade. While this is a possibility, I don’t anticipate a trade anytime soon, so in case the Lakers need to move on earlier for financial reasons, Nikola Vucevic could be the perfect target. Vucevic is averaging career highs in points, rebounds, assists, and blocks while also shooting his best percentages from the field and from three. Even in the modern loaded MVP, Vucevic’s stats deserve all-star consideration. This summer, Vucevic will enter unrestricted free agency, meaning the Lakers don’t have to bring him back for next season if a better option becomes available. Vucevic gives the Lakers a lot more flexibility, while also improving the team on the floor. (A first-round pick from what could be the worst team in the league, of course, doesn’t hurt either).

For the Magic

The Magic have been rumored in trade talks with the Celtics and Spurs recently for Vucevic. While no one knows for sure how far they got in talks, I truly doubt either team was able to offer a young, emerging star that fits in perfectly with their team system. For years, the Magic have been drafting tall athletes with elite defensive potential; Mohamed Bamba, Jonathan Isaac, Wesley Iwundu, and Aaron Gordon all fit that mold. Brandon Ingram could wind up the final piece of the puzzle. While a first round pick and your team’s best player since Dwight Howard may sound like a steep price, it’s hard to pass up on what could be the next Kevin Durant.


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