Crazy NBA Trades – Dennis Smith to the Orlando Magic

With midseason quickly approaching, many NBA storylines we may not have expected at the beginning of the season are beginning to write themselves. John Wall might be finally fed up with the Wizards’ management. Bradley Beal might want out of Washington too. Kemba Walker might finally be moved to a contender. The Mavericks may look to move on from Dennis Smith to find a new counterpart for Luka Doncic.

In real life, it may take a while for the logistics of a Dennis Smith trade to go through. In my world, however, I want trades to happen… FAST! I will take control of all the NBA teams to make the league more entertaining, give some teams a better future, and some a chance to compete with the top dogs right now.


Three Team Trade Sends Dennis Smith to Orlando, Wesley Matthews to Houston

Mavericks Recieve: D.J. Augustin (Magic), Brandon Knight (Rockets), 2019 First Round Pick (Magic), 2020 First Round Pick (Rockets)

Magic Recieve: Dennis Smith (Mavericks), Carmelo Anthony (Rockets)

Rockets Recieve: Wesley Matthews (Mavericks)

Wait! Before you click off thinking I just threw a bunch of random young players together, every piece of this trade was thought out and has an explanation. I know this wouldn’t ACTUALLY happen, but the trade actually helps all teams involved.

For the Mavericks

In trading away Dennis Smith, the Mavericks are looking to find a better fit to play alongside rookie guard, Luka Doncic. Due to his need to have the ball in his hands, the Mavs are likely looking to acquire an off-ball shooter who is still a competent ball handler. Shooting 42% from three this season, D.J. Augustin is the perfect fit alongside Doncic. With an additional two first round picks to make up for Brandon Knight’s contract, the Mavericks have to say yes to a deal like this.

For the Magic

Since trading Dwight Howard, the Magic have been lacking an identity. Player after player after player, Orlando hasn’t housed a superstar in quite a long time. Dennis Smith has shown flashes of that star potential that the Magic have needed for so long. They made a huge trade this offseason for Jerian Grant… He hasn’t been anything special, so it’s time to move on to the next project, and Smith seems like the perfect candidate.

For the Rockets

Starting with Kyle Korver, then J.R. Smith, and now Wesley Matthews, the Rockets have been linked to numerous sharpshooters already this season. Matthews has shot 40% from three this season and could be the perfect veteran to pick up slack on the struggling Houston team. Ideally, their 2020 first round pick isn’t worth much anyway, so the trade also allows Houston to get off of Brandon Knight’s massive contract; an absolute no-brainer for Houston.

3 thoughts on “Crazy NBA Trades – Dennis Smith to the Orlando Magic

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    1. It kind of sucks, just seeing a direct comparison. Looking into it a little deeper, however, it may have been for the best. While Bagley hasn’t worked out tho this point, I’m not sure how Doncic would fit due to the surplus of guards in Sac. I wrote an article prior to the draft on my thoughts on Doncic. Check it out and let me know how you feel.


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