Crazy NBA Trades – Kemba Walker to the New Orleans Pelicans

With midseason quickly approaching, many NBA storylines we may not have expected at the beginning of the season are beginning to write themselves. Anthony Davis might finally want out of New Orleans. John Wall might be finally fed up with the Wizards’ management. Bradley Beal might want out of Washington too. Kemba Walker might finally be moved to a contender.

In real life, it may take a while for the logistics of a Kemba Walker trade to go through. In my world, however, I want trades to happen… FAST! I will take control of all the NBA teams to make the league more entertaining, give some teams a better future, and some a chance to compete with the top dogs right now.


Three Team Trade Sends Kemba Walker to New Orleans, D’Angelo Russell to Charlotte, Julius Randle to Brooklyn

Hornets Recieve: D’Angelo Russell (Nets)

Pelicans Recieve: Kemba Walker (Hornets), 2019 Second Round Pick (Nets)

Nets Recieve: Julius Randle (Pelicans)

Wait! Before you click off thinking I just threw a bunch of random young players together, every piece of this trade was thought out and has an explanation. I know this wouldn’t ACTUALLY happen, but the trade actually helps all teams involved.

For the Hornets

This trade only makes sense if Kemba Walker tells the Hornets he isn’t interested in resigning. If that’s the case, they would certainly attempt to move him for some kind of value. D’Angelo Russell would fit in seamlessly with the Hornets, while also making a lot more sense with their timeline. He plays a very similar style to Kemba’s, just six years younger and with a better chance to resign; an obvious move for me.

For the Pelicans

Perhaps the easiest trade to accept would be for the Pelicans. The rumor mill is running rampant with potential Anthony Davis trades. It’s no secret. Davis has been disappointed with the Pelicans’ ability to provide him with talent to make legitimate runs in the playoffs. That could all change with a Kemba Walker trade. Imagine a Kemba Walker-Anthony Davis pick and roll- purely unstoppable. With the Warriors slowly falling apart, this year could be as good a year as any for the Pelicans to make a run, and Kemba makes their chances that much better.

For the Nets

While I love the trade for all teams involved, I especially like it for the Nets. At one time, it appeared D’Angelo Russell was the future of the Nets, but that was prior to the discovery of Spencer Dinwiddie. With a career high in points by nearly five points, it appears that Spencer Dinwiddie may be the new future of the Nets and they should begin to build through him. Russell and Dinwiddie play a similar style, so it only makes sense to move on for a star big man to play with their star guard. Julius Randle is literally the perfect modern big man to pair with the perfect modern guard and modern coach. The Nets could be really exciting.

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