Crazy NBA Trades – John Wall to the Phoenix Suns

With midseason quickly approaching, many NBA storylines we may not have expected at the beginning of the season are beginning to write themselves. The Warriors may not be as perfect as we thought. Joel Embiid might not fit with the 76ers. Anthony Davis might finally want out of New Orleans. John Wall might be finally fed up with the Wizards’ management.

In real life, it may take a while for the logistics of a John Wall trade to go through. In my world, however, I want trades to happen… FAST! I will take control of all the NBA teams to make the league more entertaining, give some teams a better future, and some a chance to compete with the top dogs right now.


Three Team Trade Sends John Wall to Phoenix, Josh Jackson and Mikal Bridges to Washington

Wizards Recieve: Mikal Bridges (Suns), Josh Jackson (Suns), Ryan Anderson (Suns), 2020 First Round Pick (Suns)

Suns Recieve: John Wall (Wizards)

Kings Recieve: Dwight Howard (Wizards), 2019 Second Round Pick (Suns)

Wait! Before you click off thinking I just threw a bunch of random young players together, every piece of this trade was thought out and has an explanation. I know this wouldn’t ACTUALLY happen, but the trade actually helps all teams involved.

For the Wizards

The Wizards have clearly put themselves in a position to fail. Offering massive contracts to Otto Porter, Ian Mahinmi, and of course John Wall gives them absolutely no wiggle room in free agency. While Wall may be a great player, he is certainly not worth the 47 million dollars he’ll be making in the last year of his contract. The return the Wizards can get won’t be huge, but a couple of young players like Mikal Bridges and Josh Jackson along with a first round pick seems like a fair return. They are also forced to take on Ryan Anderson’s massive contract, but luckily, there are only two years left contrary to the five on Wall’s deal.

For the Suns

Devin Booker wants a super team in Phoenix. Phoenix needs a point guard. John Wall is a point guard. It’s a match made in heaven. John Wall and Devin Booker would immediately become one of the best backcourts in the entire NBA. In my opinion, Booker plays like a better version of Bradley Beal offensively, so it wouldn’t take much for Booker to fit in next to Wall. Finally, the Suns are also able to get off of Anderson’s contract in the move while only trading one first round pick.

For the Kings

This is a really simple move for the Kings as they aren’t giving away anything in the trade. They are literally only taking on the two years on Dwight’s contract (which would probably be bought out anyway) in return for a second round pick this year. Due to prior trades the Kings don’t hold the right to their first round pick this year, so attaining an extra draft pick could be necessary to continue to grow.

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