Crazy NBA Trades – Anthony Davis to the Boston Celtics

With midseason quickly approaching, many NBA storylines we may not have expected at the beginning of the season are beginning to write themselves. The Warriors may not be as perfect as we thought. The Kings may actually be good. Joel Embiid might not fit with the 76ers. Anthony Davis might finally want out of New Orleans.

In real life, it may take a while for the logistics of an Anthony Davis trade to go through. In my world, however, I want trades to happen… FAST! I will take control of all the NBA teams to make the league more entertaining, give some teams a better future, and some a chance to compete with the top dogs right now.


Three Team Trade Sends Anthony Davis to Celtics, Jayson Tatum to Pelicans, Al Horford to Hornets

Pelicans Recieve: Jayson Tatum (Celtics), Jaylen Brown (Celtics), Terry Rozier (Celtics), 2019 First Round Pick (Celtics), 2021 First Round Pick (Celtics), 2022 First Round Pick (Hornets)

Celtics Recieve: Anthony Davis (Pelicans), Nicolas Batum (Hornets)

Hornets Recieve: Al Horford (Celtics)

Wait! Before you click off thinking I just threw a bunch of random young players together, every piece of this trade was thought out and has an explanation. I know this wouldn’t ACTUALLY happen, but the trade actually helps all teams involved.

For the Pelicans

A clear rebuilding move for New Orleans to completely start over, the Pelicans net a return of two potential all-stars, a solid young role player, along with three first round picks in upcoming years. When trading a top-level talent like Anthony Davis, you won’t get back equal value in return, but a package of that much potential could be perfect for New Orleans.

For the Celtics

The package the Celtics are moving on from may seem astronomically huge- Tatum, Brown, Rozier, and two firsts- but realistically what do the Celtics have to lose? With the Warriors run seemingly coming to a close sooner rather than later and Kyrie Irving in the middle of his prime, it’s time for the Celtics to compete NOW! Sure, Tatum and Brown could be all-stars one day, but Anthony Davis is now and fits in with this team’s timeline a little nicer.

For the Hornets

Not too complicated of a move for the Hornets; Charlotte gets off of Nicolas Batum’s contract a year early while also netting a solid NBA center to pair up with Kemba Walker. Horford and Walker seem to be the perfect pair. Their strengths are each others’ weaknesses, and a potential pick and roll could be nasty. Giving in a future first rounder seems like a fair price to pay to save money and improve on the floor.

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