Kings Next Young Star – Undrafted G-League Dunk Contest Champ?

Last season, the Sacramento Kings had a player by the name of Jakarr Sampson. Jakarr averaged five points, nearly four rebounds, and an entire block per game while playing only fifteen minutes per game. While his stats were fairly underwhelming, Sampson provided his teammates with undeniable energy and competitiveness that kept us in any close game.

For whatever reason, Vlade Divac and the Kings’ front office opted to let Sampson sign with the Chicago Bulls this offseason, where he would be waved in training camp.

Why is this relevant to our current team? Looking for Sampson’s energizer replacement, the perfect guy became available following training camp. The New Orleans Pelicans had recently waived former undrafted G-League Dunk Contest champion, Troy Williams.

Troy Williams plays a very similar style to Jakarr Sampson. While only averaging six points per game over his career so far, Williams showcases elite athleticism on a nightly basis, first made obvious by his ridiculous performance in the G-League Dunk Contest.

Tonight, in a loss to the Toronto Raptors, thousands of Kings’ fans along with myself realized his true value. While he’ll never “wow” you with his shooting ability or playmaking, he’s a guy you want on the floor during a close game. He just makes good things happen, made apparent by recording the only positive +/- against one of the best teams in the NBA.

All being said, Williams has abilities that separate himself from former King, Jakarr Sampson. In the Kings’ blowout loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday, Williams shot 3/3 from beyond the arc and was one of the Kings’ only bright spots.

While Troy Williams will never be marketed by the Kings as a top player, his value is positive. In limited time, his energy will stay consistently perfect, and he could be a huge piece of this young Kings’ team going forward, potentially even replacing what we wanted Justin Jackson to be at this point of his career.

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