The Minnesota Timberwolves are a Joke – I Feel Bad for Derrick Rose

Following a career-high 50 point performance from Derrick Rose, Rose, visibly distressed, said that “I work my ass off bro. I did this for the franchise, for the organization.” The crowd erupted as a 30-year-old MVP with three major knee injuries carried his team to a win to one of the best teams in the NBA.

I feel legitimately bad for Derrick Rose. While trying to enjoy this crazy rejuvenation, he is forced to deal with the attitude of Jimmy Butler clashing with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Butler has turned his team into the laughing stock of the NBA, and all Rose can do is watch as his team deteriorates around him.

The Mess… Summarized

In September, Butler informed head coach Tom Thibodeau of his wish to be traded. Not only did Thibodeau not honor the request, but he met with Butler on multiple occasions to keep his superstar in Minnesota. Clearly unhappy, Butler showed off the alpha inside of him, making a mockery of the roster, coaching staff, and front office in a practice.

Clearly shaken up by their role model’s intensity, the Wolves’ two young stars have ducked away in fear, each averaging career-lows in points to this point of the season. Jimmy Butler essentially eliminated the Wolves’ three best players- Towns, Wiggins, and himself.

Dating back to his MVP season, Derrick Rose has constantly shown a quiet, at times emotionless demeanor. Rose wants nothing to do with drama; he just wants to play basketball for the last couple years of his career.

During that interview, Derrick Rose was NOT crying tears of joy. Those were tears of sadness and embarrassment that what should be the happiest night of his life, turned out to be just another night playing with a dysfunctional organization. Derrick Rose needs to be set free; let him enjoy basketball once again.

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