Ben Mclemore For Garrett Temple – Winner?

Praising the Temple

In Garrett Temple’s relatively short time in Sacramento, he made a huge impact on the franchise. In two years, Garrett Temple won two “Oscar Robertson Triple Double” awards for his leadership on the court and in the community. While none of us know for sure, it seems he was a great influence on many of our young players in his two seasons in Sacramento.

These are the reasons why the Memphis Grizzlies wanted to get their hands on the 32-year-old shooting guard. The Grizzlies are in an awkward situation between rebuilding and trying to win, as Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are great, but only great enough to earn the Grizzlies the fourth pick in the NBA Draft who ended up being Jaren Jackson Jr. After an impressive summer league, he could certainly be the franchise’s new cornerstone.

Garrett Temple can help them out either way. He is theoretically the perfect player for the Grizzlies’ current regime of grit and grind, as he can get down and dirty and play defense while also shooting well from beyond the arc. If the Grizzlies decide to move away from Conley and Gasol and build around Jackson, we’ve all seen how well Temple can play with young players in Sacramento. Temple is a seamless fit in Memphis.

Creating Opportunity

While what Temple did in Sacramento was nothing short of amazing, he was holding some of our young stars back, not from minutes, but from leadership. De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley need to be leaders on and off the court now that Temple is gone. It’ll force them to improve instead of just helping them improve.

While I was never a fan of Mclemore in his first stint in Sacramento, his new role may suit him better. Originally, the expectations were through the roof and Mclemore wasn’t capable of meeting them. Now entering his sixth NBA season, Mclemore understands the league and what he needs to do to stay in it. While he may be undersized for the small forward position, his athleticism and floor spacing ability could be perfect alongside our other young stars.

The Kings also acquired Deyonta Davis who was originally drafted by current Kings’ head coach, David Joerger. Davis still has a lot of potential as an athletic big man who can defend multiple positions and rebound; I just don’t know how well he fits in alongside our other young big men. Nonetheless, depth never hurt anyone.


I think the Grizzlies decided that they needed a new 3&D player and while they were looking through the lists of veteran two-guards, Garrett Temple jumped out to them as the perfect option (which he was). The Kings had no intentions of trading Temple until they heard their opportunity to acquire two younger players and a future draft pick in a deal that would also clear up nearly two million in cap space.

We are still unaware if we will put that money to good use in this free agent class, but the trade seemed like a great idea for both teams involved. While I believe Sacramento did acquire more value, the Grizzlies certainly made a good decision.

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