Carmelo Anthony NEEDS To Sign With THIS Team

The 2017/2018 season was an absolute nightmare for Carmelo Anthony. The former superstar of the New York Knicks was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder to create what could’ve been one of the most dominant big threes in the game alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Unfortunately, Melo did not play a role in his team’s short-lived success, as the Thunder were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

People had speculations about Carmelo not having the ability to sacrifice for the good of the team. They didn’t think he was capable of playing off of Westbrook and George and needed the ball in his hands to be efficient. Those people were correct, and now Carmelo Anthony needs to prove that he is still belongs in the NBA.

The Perfect Location

Carmelo Anthony has been linked to many powerhouse teams looking to become contenders like the Rockets, Lakers, Heat, and Nuggets, but perhaps none of his options even compare to the Golden State Warriors. Yes; the Golden State Warriors.

There are absolutely no negatives to joining up with the all-star starting lineup in Golden State. The three things all NBA players want to do are earn money, win championships, and get play significant minutes, all of which the Warriors can and will provide to Melo.

Think about this scenario. Carmelo Anthony joins the Warriors on a minimum contract and proves to the entire league that he is capable of playing off of all-star level talent. He plays the minutes previously given to Andre Iguoudala and Patrick McCaw to give the Warriors enough bench scoring to sweep their ways through the playoffs.

The next offseason comes, and multiple teams will be willing to sign Carmelo to legitimate NBA contracts, not just one-year legacy deals like he’s getting this year.If Carmelo signs with Warriors, he will win himself a championship ring while also showcasing to the rest of the NBA that he still belongs in this league.

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