The NBA Rule Change We Never Knew We Needed

The NBA playoffs are in full force, and many of us are enamored with the excitement provided by some of the youngest stars in the NBA. Whether it was Donovan Mitchell, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, or Jayson Tatum, we have all fallen in love with the future of the NBA.

Unfortunately, many young stars have to wait for years to make their playoff debuts. While Anthony Davis has made an All-NBA team three times and the all-star game five times, he has only made the playoffs twice.

What if I told you there was a way to get guys like Anthony in the playoffs in their first year in the league while also earning the league more money and potentially putting an end to tanking?

The Solution

The NBA Draft Lottery needs to be changed. While I may not believe this, many others do, some even believing that the lottery is rigged. I think the concept of the lottery actually does hold up many teams from tanking, and in the modern NBA that is very necessary.

While the worst teams need to attain the highest picks to remain a balance in the NBA, what if the best team got rewarded for their efforts? What if the team that won the NBA finals get rewarded with the first overall pick, and then the lottery takes place from picks 2-15?

It seems to be a perfect solution to a nonexistent problem. Having the opportunity to watch Donovan Mitchell absolutely dismantle the Thunder in the playoffs is only scraping the top of the potential of what this change could do for the league. Just imagine seeing Ben Simmons joining Lebron James on the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers; or better yet, watching Lebron James join the San Antonio Spurs after winning their first championship in 2003.

The possibilities truely are endless. As if a world championship wasn’t enough to play for, now there could be a first overall pick on the line in the finals too.

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