Miami Heat Will Explore Offers For Hassan Whiteside – Does He Fit Anywhere?

As I’m sure we all could have guessed, the Miami Heat are ready to start fielding offers for the very disgruntled Hassan Whiteside. While his contract may not be the prettiest for an aging, immature, run-jump-dunk center, Whiteside averaged a league-high 3.7 blocks just two years ago.

While his value may be low, this gives teams a chance to buy low. Whiteside potentially has a lot of great fits if he can learn to play his role; if not, he could struggle anywhere.

Hassan Whiteside to the Brooklyn Nets

Heat Recieve: Timofey Mozgov, Isaiah Whitehead

Nets Recieve: Hassan Whiteside

Right off of the bat, you can tell I don’t give Hassan Whiteside too much value on the market. While at first, this trade may look like a robbery for the Nets, let’s take a look how this trade helps the Heat too. While Mozgov is known around the league for being historically overpaid, he is actually paid less money than Hassan Whiteside who isn’t making a positive impact in Miami anyway. Essentially, the Heat receive a young guard struggling to find playtime on a deep Brooklyn bench, along with eight million dollars in cap room for the next two seasons.

The Nets take a flyer on who was at one time the best shot blocker in the league. Whiteside could be the perfect mentor for Jarrett Allen. Once broken down, this move makes a lot of sense for both teams involved.

Hassan Whiteside to the Orlando Magic

Heat Recieve: Bismack Biyombo, Shelvin Mack

Magic Recieve: Hassan Whiteside

This trade has a lot of similarities to the previous one. The Heat gets to save around six million dollars swapping Whiteside for Biyombo, and Shelvin Mack could be a perfect trade piece next season for Miami depending on where they are in the playoff race.

While Biyombo and Whiteside are similar players, both being slowly phased out of the NBA despite their relatively low age, it’s no secret that Whiteside holds a much higher ceiling than Biyombo. With the Magic struggling to find an identity, Whiteside could help out Aaron Gordon with some inside defense.

Hassan Whiteside to the Portland Trail Blazers

Heat Recieve: Maurice Harkless, Meyers Leonard, Future Second Round Pick

Trail Blazers Recieve: Hassan Whiteside

While I wrote an article stating that the Blazers have no way to get better just a couple of days ago, this could be the perfect opportunity for them to jump on. Read that article here –

Leonard is struggling to find minutes on a Portland bench in need of inside defense, and Harkless has been a below average shooter the past couple seasons. Whiteside fills their need perfectly; he and Nurkic can platoon at the center position till a winner prevails.

This would be an extremely desperate trade for Miami and I strongly advise them to stay away, but I can imagine a world where Whiteside’s market plummeted following this season in Miami. That being said, the Blazers could trade practically nothing for him; this trade reflects that perfectly.

Hassan Whiteside to the Phoenix Suns

Heat Recieve: Tyson Chandler, Troy Daniels, Davon Reed

Suns Recieve: Hassan Whiteside

Perhaps the team that would overpay the most for Whiteside would be the Phoenix Suns. For one, the Suns don’t have too many overpaid players, so they’d be forced to trade Tyson Chandler in return for Whiteside. Throwing in a couple of young guards like Troy Daniels and Davon Reed gets the salaries to match, and Whiteside could find himself in Phoenix.

For Miami, this is an ideal scenario. If the Suns show interest in Whiteside, they’d be forced to throw in some young talent, as that makes up the majority of their roster. With Chandler not getting any younger and Alex Len not getting any better, the Suns could choose to trade for Chandler and go elsewhere with their pick if they believe they won’t get Deandre Ayton.

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