Underappreciated NBA Trade Deadline Deals

I’ll have a full recap of all of the moves the Kings made earlier today in an article that should be coming out in the next couple days, but for now, let’s talk about some of the players moving today that are a little more important than we might think.

While we all know that Isaiah Thomas is a Laker and that Dwyane Wade is back in Miami, what other high production players changed locations today?

Luke Babbitt to the Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade wasn’t the only player returning to the Miami Heat today, as three-point specialist, Luke Babbit was traded from the Atlanta Hawks to the Miami Heat in return for Okaro White. Due to the similarities between the two players’ contracts, we can judge this deal by the face value of the players.

While receiving inconsistent minutes from the Hawks all season, Babbitt is still turning in a pretty solid season, averaging six points on more than one three-pointer per contest in fifteen minutes per game. If given consistent time on a team that lacks three-point shooting, Babbitt could be huge in the Heat’s playoff endeavors.

Jameer Nelson to the Detroit Pistons

Jameer Nelson may not be having the best season of his career, but he can still play heavy minutes on a contending team. Just last season, Nelson was averaging an extremely efficient nine points and five assists in 27 minutes of play per game. While his numbers may be down this season, Detroit may be the perfect place for Jameer to continue his fourteen year NBA career.

With Reggie Jackson returning some time after the all-star break, Nelson will play heavy minutes off the bench backing up Ish Smith. Even once Jackson returns, Nelson should see a lot of time at both guard positions. Playing off of Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond should only make his job easier.

Devin Harris to the Denver Nuggets

Devin Harris is a classic NBA sixth man; a volume scoring combo guard with an above average jumpshot and athleticism. While playing on one of the worst teams in the NBA this season, Harris has consistently been averaging just under nine points per game on solid percentages.

With Emmanuel Mudiay on the way out, the Nuggets most likely intend to play Devin Harris as one of the first men off the bench. His playoff experience gives a little bit more veteran leadership to a Nuggets team who desperately needs help on the road.

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