NBA Week Fourteen Fantasy Predictions

Big shout out to maleopold15 over at Sports Thoughts for his help in the help of creating a new series. He reports on the NBA, MLB, and the NFL. We are each helping each other out on our new fantasy series, mine for the NBA, and his for the NFL. Go check out the full blog at Sports Thoughts.

This is a weekly series that will be published every Sunday, previewing who will be the best fantasy players of the next week. Maleopold15 and I will select our ideal fantasy starting fives heading into the week.

Last Week

Last week, Maleopold selected Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and Karl-Anthony Towns, who averaged a combined: 24 Points, 8.4 Rebounds, 4.3 Assists, 1.3 Steals, and 1 Block.

I selected Chris Paul, Victor Oladipo, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Ben Simmons, and Clint Capela who averaged a combined: 20.8 Points, 7.4 Rebounds, 3.7 Assists, 1.5 Steals, and 1 Block.

Maleopold won three out of the five statistical categories (we tied in blocks), so he won week thirteen.

Me-4, Maleopold-4

Point Guard

ST: Russell Westbrook

I was tempted to go with Chris Paul or Stephen Curry here, but I like Westbrook’s matchups the best this week. With the Thunder starting to pull things together, the reigning MVP has noticeably taken control of OKC. While still not quite at the routine triple-double mark, I like his production moving forward.

Me: Chris Paul
With James Harden still out with a hamstring injury, I couldn’t imagine picking any other player to play point guard. Paul was red hot last week in all statistical categories, and with three huge games on the way including his return to the Clippers’ Staples Center, a matchup against the Timberwolves who have been on fire recently, and of course the Golden State Warriors.

Shooting Guard

ST: Demar DeRozan

In James Harden’s absence, Butler was a little too inconsistent for me last week. So after a 42-point game against one of the leagues best defenders in Klay Thompson, I’m really excited to see what DeRozan has in store for next week. He’s going against some NBA youth, and I’m hoping he can keep the deep ball going.
Me: Lou Williams
As all NBA fans should already know, James Harden is by far and away the best shooting guard in the NBA, and you would be a fool to not pick him every week in terms of fantasy numbers. That being said, when he is injured, the shooting guard position can be very fun to pick due to the great diversity between the rest of the top guys. For example, Lou Williams has scored 20+ points in 12 straight games dating back to before Christmas. With matchups against the James Harden-less Houston Rockets, Paul Millsap-less Denver Nuggets, and the Rudy Gobert-less Utah Jazz, Lou Williams can control all of his games this week on the offensive side of the floor.

Small Forward

ST: Lebron James

The Cavs are on a three game losing streak, so it’s time for the best player in the world to take over. Cleveland won’t be losing for long and when they when it’s usually because of the heroic exploits of this man. Here’s to hoping he helps me to a W this week too.

Me: Lebron James

With the Cavaliers on a three-game losing streak, Lebron James is angry. Even with Isaiah Thomas back in the lineup, look for Lebron to look off his teammates this week to get his team back on track. He hears the criticism and is looking to prove everyone wrong this week.

Power Forward

ST: Anthony Davis

DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis are in perfect sync right now. The Pelicans’ success depends on the best front court in the NBA, and Davis is right at the center of that. He has scored 30+ points in his last 3 games, so I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next.

Me: Kristaps Porzingis
With my first two players being fairly weak on the defensive side of the floor when it comes to rebounding and blocks, my last two picks should counteract that and surely give me the advantage in those categories. Porzingis is averaging over two blocks a game this season and has been on a scoring tear recently, notching 20 points in three out of his four last games.


ST: Karl Anthony-Towns

I was a little shy to go with KAT last week, but he did exactly as I expected. A double double machine, KAT is a guaranteed 20 points and 10 rebounds every night. Even with assists being hit or miss, I’m a man who admires consistency.

Me: Andre Drummond

I decided to select Clint Capela last week as a surprise thinking that he may show off some of his offensive potential with Harden out, but this week, I’ll just go with the fully developed Clint Capela: Andre Drummond. Averaging over 15 rebounds a game is very uncommon in the modern NBA, but Drummond is managing to do so while playing only 32 minutes per game. With four very important games this week for playoff positioning, hopefully Stan Van Gundy lets Drummond run some extra time to give me the fantasy win this week!

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