NFL Week 16 Fantasy Football Pick ‘Em

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gettyimages-613839282Unfortunately for Kings Court, my picks of Cam Newton and Todd Gurley came up huge as they combined for 75 points alone in a 127-82 victory for the home team. However, with only a 3-2 series lead, there is still plenty of football left starting with a tricky Week 16. Let’s take a look at Game 6 in our epic battle.


KC- Cam Newton. With Newton coming off of one his best fantasy performances of his entire career last week, and with the Panthers still fighting to guarantee themselves a playoff spot, Cam is in the perfect position to give fantasy owners back-to-back huge games to get to and win the championship: Cam in the clutch.
ST- Russell Wilson. Cam Newton is a great option this week like Kings Court said, and it’s extremely hard for me to go against him. However, Wilson is still the…

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