NBA Week Seven Recap

Every single Monday until the NBA Finals are complete, I’ll be giving you a recap of the most important things from the past NBA week. I’ll give you my power rankings for the top ten teams in the league and name a couple of players with surprising performances. Finally, I will go through some of the best and worst moments from the past week.

Week 7 Power Rankings

  1. Houston Rockets (18-4) // Previously #2
  2. Golden State Warriors (19-6) // Previously #1
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers (17-7) // Previously #3
  4. Boston Celtics (21-4) // Previously #4
  5. Toronto Raptors (14-7) // Previously Unranked
  6. San Antonio Spurs (16-8) // Previously #7
  7. Minnesota Timberwolves (14-11) // Previously #9
  8. Utah Jazz (12-11) // Previously Unranked
  9. New Orleans Pelicans (12-12) // Previously #6
  10. Philadelphia 76ers (13-10) // Previously #8

Who’s Hot?

(Stats are from last weeks games only)

  1. Devin Booker (34.8 Points, 6 Rebounds, 2.5 Assists, 1 Steals, 0.5 Blocks)
  2. Donovan Mitchell (25.5 Points, 2.5 Rebounds, 3.5 Assists, 0.8 Steals, 0 Blocks)
  3. Alec Burks (23.3 Points, 4.8 Rebounds, 2.3 Assists, 1.8 Steals, 0.5 Blocks)
  4. Aaron Gordon (23.3 Points, 8 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 2 Steals, 1 Blocks)
  5. Kevin Love (26.8 Points, 12.3 Rebounds, 1.5 Assists, 0.5 Blocks, 0.3 Steals)

Best Moments

1. Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz

To tell you the honest truth, I haven’t watched a Utah Jazz game since Rudy Gobert was injured. What I missed, however, I made up in Donovan Mitchell highlights. In his last four games, he averaged over 25 points, landing himself a spot on the hot players’ list. After watching many highlights, especially his 41 point game on the Pelicans, I have decided that Mitchell is the new Bradley Beal. You may just think of them as 3 and D players, but they each make a much higher impact with their driving ability and tight handle. The mature rookie has led his team to five straight wins without their best player.

Worst Moments

In this segment, I am building off of “The Starters” from NBATV. Every Friday, they have a segment called, “Worst of the Week,” where they basically shame a certain part of the NBA, whether that be a player, a coach, an idea, or even an entire team. Go check them out here.

1. Sean Livingston’s Ejection

Up for much debate, the NBA has finally decided to eject both Sean Livingston and referee, Courtney Kirkland for 1 game and a week respectively. It’s not every day you see a ref get suspended, but this was well deserved. After Livingston became irate with Kirkland for disregarding a blatant foul, the referee got up into Livingston’s face and then proceeded to eject him from the game for making contact with him that he clearly forced. In my opinion, Livingston did not deserve the ejection or suspension, but it shouldn’t affect the Warriors too much anyways.

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