NBA Week Eight Fantasy Predictions

Big shout out to maleopold15 over at Sports Thoughts for his help in the help of creating a new series. He reports on the NBA, MLB, and the NFL. We are each helping each other out on our new fantasy series, mine for the NBA, and his for the NFL. Go check out the full blog at Sports Thoughts or his first fantasy article discussing breakout players for Week 12 at Week 13 Fantasy Football Pick ‘Em.

This is a new weekly series that will be published every Sunday, previewing who will be the best fantasy players of the next week. Maleopold15 and I will select our ideal fantasy starting fives heading into the week.

Last Week

Last week, Maleopold selected Stephen Curry, James Harden, Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and Demarcus Cousins who averaged a combined: 23.3 Points, 6.8 Rebounds, 5.5 Assists, 1.2 Steals, and 0.6 Blocks.

I selected Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Blake Griffin, and Nikola Jokic who averaged a combined: 18.8 Points, 4.9 Rebounds, 4.7 Assists, 1.1 Steals, and 0.5 Blocks.

Maleopold won all five statistical categories, so he wins week seven.

Me-1, Maleopold-1

Point Guard

ST: Kyrie Irving

Okay! I’ll pick Irving already! He’s one of my favorite point guards in the league, but I’ve put him behind Damien Lillard and Stephen Curry in past weeks. The Celtics have some tough matchups on the horizon, and I think Irving can put the team on his back with loads of points and assists.. at least I hope so.

Me: Damian Lillard
There’s always a lot of options at point guard: Steph Curry, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook and many more highly skilled playmakers. One often left off of the list, is Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers. This season, he’s averaging over 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists: a legendary stat line for a point guard. Despite going against two of the best defensive points in the league this week in John Wall and Chris Paul, C.J. McCollum has been as cold as ice lately. Look for Lillard to continue to carry the Blazers this week.

Shooting Guard

ST: Klay Thompson

Honestly, I’m not too sure about this one. James Harden is by far the best SG in the league, but I just don’t like his matchups this week. So I see the Warriors are going against some teams with poor perimeter defense,  and Thompson is the perfect guy to take advantage of that. He scores an incredibly consistent 20 ppg, and I think he can keep that up or better this week.

Me: James Harden
Another week; another James Harden pick. Not very creative, I know, but when there’s a player who can consistently give you 30 points and 10 assists, how can you not pick him every week? Harden only has two games this week: one against the Jazz and one against the Blazers. He will be highly rested for each and ready to kick some ass.

Small Forward

ST: Giannis Antetokounmpo

What can’t this guy do? In an incredibly deep position, the “Greek Freak” excels with his long wingspan and athletic prowess. He can get boards and has some unblockable range, too. With a relatively favorable schedule ahead for the big man, I expect a big week

Me: Paul George

Just days after scoring only two points against the Dallas Mavericks on 1/12 shooting, George broke out for 36 points. While his scoring may be hot right now, that’s not even the most desirable part of his game. Great for fantasy, George is averaging over 2.5 steals per game this season. If you want a guaranteed win in the steals category every week, George is key.

Power Forward

ST: Anthony Davis

See above. Davis is an all-around talent that has been doing work for the Pelicans since he first entered the league. He’s a corner stone for the organization and he has built some good chemistry with Cousins over the past nine months or so. He only gets better from here

Me: Ben Simmons
After doing some deep research, I was surprised to find out the Ben Simmons is eligible to play power forward in ESPN fantasy basketball. If you want a lot of assists out of your forward spot, Simmons is your guy, as he’s averaged over seven assists per game this season.


ST: Nikola Jokic

Maybe my favorite center in the league, I think the young man is pretty underrated. Besides a tough matchup with Cousins on Monday, Jokic is going to clean the boards and put home some easy layups during the remainder of the week. Keep an eye on this kid.

Me: Demarcus Cousins

With Antony Davis playing below expectations right now, look for Demarcus Cousins to step up big in his team’s next couple games. With matchups against the Warriors, Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets, Joel Embiid and 76ers, and his former team, the Sacramento Kings, Cousins will be under a lot of pressure next week. Even with the high volume of games, look for Cousins to score big in all of the games.

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