Carmelo Anthony is Yet to be Traded – What Teams Would Take Ryan Anderson?

The 2017 NBA offseason has been filled with completed trades. Whether it was Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, or Paul George, almost every single trade that was rumored ended up going through… except for one.

Carmelo Anthony is still on the New York Knicks. Despite the Knicks firing Phil Jackson, Melo is still demanding a trade to the Houston Rockets. Due to his no trade clause, the Knicks are basically forced to trade Carmelo to Houston. Unfortunately for the Rockets, the Knicks are not interested in Ryan Anderson, who would most likely be the primary player involved in the deal. Because of this, another team willing to take Ryan Anderson will most likely be involved.

Who will that team be, and what will they give up? That is what we’ll discuss today.

Disclaimer: I did absolutely no research to see what teams have been rumored to be interested. These trades are 100% my opinion.

Orlando Magic

Rockets Receive: Carmelo Anthony (Knicks)

Knicks Receive: Bismack Biymobo (Magic), Isaiah Taylor (Rockets), 2019 First Round Pick (Rockets), 2020 Second Round Pick (Magic)

Magic Receive: Ryan Anderson (Rockets), Tim Quarterman (Rockets), Chinanu Onuaku (Rockets)

The one major flaw with the Magic is their lack of a jump shot. There’s no doubt about it. Ryan Anderson returning to Orlando can solve that deficiency in one move. The Knicks also receive Bismack Biyombo, whose game complements Kristaps Porzingis perfectly.

Detroit Pistons

Rockets Receive: Carmelo Anthony (Knicks)

Knicks Receive: Reggie Jackson (Pistons), Demetrius Jackson (Rockets), Chinanu Onuaku (Rockets), 2019 First Round Pick (Rockets)

Pistons Recieve: Ryan Anderson (Rockets), Tim Quarterman (Rockets)

Like the Magic, the Pistons have a desperate need for three point shooting. The Knicks have a desperate need for a point guard who can make an immediate impact. Considering Reggie Jackson had a really rough season in Detroit last season but is still a solid point guard, isn’t this the perfect trade?

Utah Jazz

Rockets Receive: Carmelo Anthony (Knicks)

Knicks Receive: Derrick Favors (Jazz), Joe Johnson (Jazz), Isaiah Taylor (Rockets), Tim Quarterman (Rockets), 2020 Second Round Pick (Rockets)

Jazz Receive: Ryan Anderson (Rockets), Shawn Long (Rockets), 2019 First Round Pick (Rockets)

Unlike the first two trades, this one won’t help the team immediately. This is essentially a glorified salary dump for the Jazz. Even though Ryan Anderson is only making about seven million less than Favors, Favors holds much more value on the market. The Jazz moves on from the better player in order to acquire a draft pick. With Gordon Hayward gone, it may be beneficial for the Jazz to go for a complete rebuild.


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