Day 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 of NBA Free Agency – Longtime No See

Sorry for the lack of articles recently. I went on a week long vacation and missed the past six days as you can tell by the title. Luckily, nothing significant went down in terms of free agency, however. This article is for me to catch up on everything that has happened in the past week or so.

Mario Chalmers to the Memphis Grizzlies

Technically, this doesn’t belong in my NBA Free Agency articles because the last NBA team Chalmers played for was the Grizzlies. He took the whole of last season off and is returning this year. In 2016 after Chalmers was traded to the Grizzlies for Beno Udrih, he broke out, averaging a career high in points for the remainder of the season. Hopefully, Chalmers can reclaim his abilities returning to Memphis.

Shane Larkin to the Boston Celtics

Let me preface this by saying that I actually really enjoy Shane Larkin as a player. I think he could be a great sixth man in the NBA if he really hones in all of his abilities and is playing in the right fit. Unfortunately for him, he is playing in one of the worst fits for him there is: behind Isaiah Thomas. Larkin and Thomas share a lot more than their lack of height. They are both great shooters, shot creators, and below average defenders. Why would the Celtics want the same type of player? I have no idea. They should’ve gone after a guy like Shaun Livingston or Mario Chalmers who has a lot of size to show other teams a different playstyle out of the point guard position. Nonetheless, Larkin has still improved every single year of his career and has the potential to be a big scorer off of the bench.

Willie Reed to the Los Angeles Clippers

After breaking out last season in Miami, Reed is getting another one year deal to prove himself in Los Angeles. Reed has the potential to be a starting center someday. He is an amazing rebounder and can score well in transition and in the post. If he can learn to shoot, he can be very effective in Los Angeles.

Rajon Rondo to the New Orleans Pelicans

My two favorite (non-Kings) players ever are together again. Rajon Rondo and Demarcus Cousins were one of the best duos in the league for a very short one season. When you add Anthony Davis into the picture, it makes it that much better. The only thing I’m worried about is Jrue Holiday. With Holiday being the probable starter, Rondo will most likely be coming off the bench. If Alvin Gentry can stagger the minutes correctly, all four of their “stars” can see the court together at some point in the game.

Derrick Willis to the Detroit Pistons

I can’t tell what kind of player Derrick Willis is. He looks to be a very good shooter who can also cut to the basket. He is fairly tall for a small forward at 6’9, yet also very skinny at only 228 pounds. He also seems to be a very inconsistently good defender. There was a stretch in college where he averaged close to three blocks per game, but there were other stretches where he looked lost on that end of the floor. The first player comparison that comes to mind is Kevin Durant for his height, shooting ability, and shot-blocking ability. His lack of ball-handling and athleticism takes that away, however.


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