Day 12 of NBA Free Agency – The Jazz Replace Gordon Hayward

Brandon Paul to the San Antonio Spurs

Brandon Paul played overseas last season and was a great scorer and shooter. This season, the San Antonio Spurs have offered him a guaranteed contract. He will most likely fill Jonathan Simmons’ role whose qualifying offer was rescinded by the Spurs. While it may not make sense for the Spurs to not resign Simmons, Paul will most likely fill his role as a scorer pretty well.

Thabo Sefolosha to the Utah Jazz

Thabo Sefolosha signed a contract with the Utah Jazz to most likely be a starter. He and Gordon Hayward don’t have many similarities. Sefolosha is mainly known as a three-point shooter and defender. Hayward can carry a team offensively with ball handling, three-point shooting, cutting, and many other tactics. It should be interesting to see how the Jazz play next year without Hayward.

Jonas Jerebko to the Utah Jazz

I don’t understand this move at all for Jonas Jerebko. Throughout his career, he has shown the ability to be a quality three-point shooter and even showed some great toughness and defense last postseason against the Cavaliers. Theoretically, he is a perfect fit for a contender. He is good on defense and can score a decent amount without putting the ball in his hands. Unfortunately, teams did not recognize this and he was forced to sign a two-year deal with the Jazz. He and Sefolosha are seen by many as Gordon Hayward’s “replacement” in Utah.

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