Summer League Game 3 Recap – Greatest Rivalry in Sports

I really didn’t want to write about this. Especially after hearing Lonzo was out, I was trying to distance myself from this game. Unfortunately, I decided to go on Twitter following the game and have been sucked into having pointless arguments with Laker fans for the past hour. I am once again reminded of how much I hate the Lakers.

Despite this being a Summer League game, it was one of the most exciting basketball games I’ve ever watched. Frank Mason and Buddy Hield torched the Lakers all night. Alex Caruso and Vander Blue fired right back. It ended in a Lakers win, despite the Lakers’ top five pick, Lonzo Ball being benched due to an alleged sore groin. Whether or not he was dodging Fox or if he actually was injured, the Lakers still won.

De’Aaron Fox was diagnosed with a minor foot injury during the second half and sat out the entire fourth quarter. Frank Mason filled in in a big way. He scored 24 points to go along with 6 rebounds and 5 assists in a comeback effort that would eventually come up short. Long before this, I was already a huge fan of Mason’s game, and I still think he has an extremely high potential.

Vander Blue and especially Alex Caruso were huge surprises in the Lakers’ win. Alex Caruso couldn’t miss. He was shooting threes, splitting the defense, and turned into a Lakers legend in only one summer league game. I don’t think a Kings fan could go one minute without getting mocked about an undrafted balding white guy lighting up their future point guard.

I really didn’t want to overreact to a Summer League game, but it was just too much excitement to not talk about. With Alex Caruso still unsigned, I hope to see him on a team with an opportunity. I truly believe that he can be an NBA player.

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