Day 7 of NBA Free Agency – Role Players Going Everywhere

Now that the first week of free agency is coming to a close, role players are the top players available. This is usually when guys start flying everywhere with no explanation. Hopefully, I can provide the explanation for some of these moves.

Bojan Bogdanovic to the Indiana Pacers

The Pacers traded Paul George and Pacers fans were in outrage. Surprisingly, they have put together a solid team following the trade. They received Victor Oladipo in the trade, signed Darren Collison, and still have Lance Stephenson and Myles Turner. Bogdanovic is a great shooter and can fit in with any lineup in the league. This tells us that the Washington Wizards will now most likely resign Otto Porter.

Tyreke Evans to the Memphis Grizzlies

Tyreke Evans isn’t good anymore. After he was traded to the Kings, I was excited about his return. I was ready to see him retire in Sacramento and have a great end to his career coming off the bench. That obviously didn’t work out. He is injury prone, plays like he’s five years older than he actually is, and will probably never average more than ten points again. It’s unfortunate but true. Maybe he can revitalize his career returning to the city he played at in college, but probably not.

Raymond Felton the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder are having a pretty good offseason. They’ve already acquired Paul George and Patrick Patterson. Russell Westbrook finally got a backup point guard. After trading Cameron Payne at the trade deadline last year, the Thunder didn’t have a playmaker off the bench for the rest of the year. Raymond Felton is going to play that role perfectly.

Jeff Green to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Who cares about the fit? Jeff Green is a veteran who wants to win a championship. The Cavs are looking for veterans who want to win championships. Jeff Green joined the Cavs on a minimum contract and will probably play 15 minutes off the bench doing a little bit of everything.

Shelvin Mack to the Orlando Magic

Shelvin Mack is looking for a team that is willing to let him play. He isn’t a very good player but has broken out in the past for some teams while playing significant minutes. I don’t like Elfrid Payton and the Magic failed to draft a point guard in the draft so Mack may get an opportunity to play a lot.

Kelly Olynyk to the Miami Heat

With all the moves the Celtics have been making, they have no business trying to resign Kelly Olynyk. This may be a bigger loss for Kelly Olynyk. Olynyk has one of the weirdest playstyles in the NBA. He isn’t athletic, is a poor rebounder, can’t defend anyone, is a great shooter, and somehow he puts that all together into being a great role player. I’m worried that his fit with the Celtics was what allowed him to play so well. It may be an odd fit, but Olynyk can be a great sixth man for the Heat.



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