Day 6 of NBA Free Agency – Another Big Day

This may be the best day of free agency for the Kings of all-time. As free agency goes on, I am getting more and more excited for the season to begin. The Kings’ signings will be somewhat abbreviated, as I will have exclusive posts for each player after free agency is complete.

Vince Carter to the Sacramento Kings

I was excited for George Hill and Zach Randolph for their leadership qualities. Now, we might have one of the best mentors in the entire NBA. Just a couple days ago, Buddy Hield was talking about a potential leadership role. Now, we have a team stocked full of veteran leadership. We’re basically turning into the Memphis Grizzlies, and I honestly don’t have a problem with that.

Rudy Gay to the San Antonio Spurs

I haven’t kept my hate for Rudy Gay a secret. His stats may look good, but I don’t think he will ever effect a team positively. He is a below average defender, struggles to get open off-ball, and is statistically one of the biggest ball hogs in the league. I don’t know how the Spurs intend to play Rudy Gay next to Lamarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard, but I am intrigued to see if Popovich can turn Rudy into an impactful player for a playoff team. Personally, I don’t see it, but the Spurs usually make things work out in the end.

Milos Teodosic to the Los Angeles Clippers

Everything the Clippers are doing is finally starting to make sense. The Clippers lost their star playmaking point guard, Chris Paul. They managed to keep the other two-thirds of Lob City (Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan) however. They then made a sign and trade deal to acquire Danilo Gallinari. Milos Teodosic could potentially be the final piece of the puzzle for the Clippers. Lob City is not dead. I repeat; Lob City is not dead. Milos Teodosic is one of the top Euroleague players as of late. He makes passes every game that will make your jaw drop to the floor and shows a similar swagger to Jason Williams when he played in Sacramento. He may not be Chris Paul, but he is the perfect backup plan.

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