Day 2 of NBA Free Agency – The West Gets Even Stronger

While day two may not have been as exciting as day one, it was still very solid. The Kings are unfortunately missing out on a lot of veterans that we were apparently targeting. I’m only reacting to players who switched teams. For some more information, check out the article about day 1 at

Taj Gibson to the Minnesota Timberwolves

When it comes to fit, this is probably my favorite signing so far this offseason. In past years, the Timberwolves have tried to play Karl-Anthony Towns and Gorgui Dieng together. Even though both are fairly athletic for centers, they’re still centers. Taj Gibson gives the Timberwolves so much versatility, just like he gave the Bulls during his prime. He can start and come off the bench depending on matchups, is a very underrated mid range shooter, and is one of the most versatile defenders in the game. He reminds me of a less athletic, not as good Draymond Green. If he and Jimmy Butler can speed up the Timberwolves’ rebuild, he will probably play a similar role to Green in Minnesota.

Justin Holiday to the Chicago Bulls

While this signing may seem insignificant, it tells us a lot about the direction of the Bulls. With the Bulls bringing on another shooting guard, it’s safe to assume Dwyane Wade will most likely be bought out. When it comes to Justin Holiday, I actually really like his fit in Chicago. Even though the Bulls are changing the culture, he has the potential to earn a lot of minutes as Jimmy Butler’s “replacement.”

Ben Mclemore to the Memphis Grizzlies

This makes me so happy. No longer will I have to look at people wearing Ben Mclemore jerseys at Kings games, no longer will I have to see Ben Mclemore attempt reverse dunks and drop the ball on the takeoff, and best yet, the Kings are moving on from our last draft bust of the Golden One Center era. The Grizzlies just picked up a guy who will never average over 15 points and is already struggling with injuries. Luckily for them, it was a much smaller deal than what I expected Mclemore to get this offseason.

Jodie Meeks to the Washington Wizards

A lifetime 38% three point shooter is no joke, especially when he’s an underrated perimeter defender. That is exactly what the Wizards got, for only seven million dollars over two years. He may have struggled with injuries in the past, only playing in 39 games over the past two years. With the way guys are getting payed now though, I’d be willing to pay Jodie Meeks seven million dollars to play in only 39 games.

Paul Millsap to the Denver Nuggets

Damn, congratulations to the Denver Nuggets. I was expecting Millsap to lead a young, western conference team to the playoffs next year. Unfortunately, that team won’t be the Kings. It will be the Nuggets. He is a perfect fit for this extremely young Nuggets team. Emmanuel Mudiay, Jamal Murray, Paul Millsap, and Nikola Jokic are all playmakers, and the amount of versatility Millsap gives them should make the Western Conference scared.


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