Kings 2017 NBA Draft Recap – WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Oh… My… God… When was the last time the Sacramento Kings were trending on Twitter for a good reason? Seriously, Twitter wasn’t around during the early 2000’s, so I don’t know if it has ever happened. Draft night 2017 is what may change the entire world’s view on the Kings.

I have obviously stated in the past that I am not a fan of De’Aaron Fox’s game. While I am unhappy Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum didn’t fall to us, Fox was widely regarded as the ideal pick for the Kings. I am proud of Vlade for doing what is expected of him. Even if I don’t agree, the rest of the world does and that’s what really matters: recognition.

The closest comparison to this situation to me would be acquiring Buddy Hield from New Orleans this season. I was not at all sold on Hield, as he was actually one of my least favorite players in the NBA. Following the trade, Hield won me over. I am hoping Fox can do the same, and that’s honestly what I expect from him.

In terms of the trade, it couldn’t have gone better. I like Zach Collins a lot. I think he will be a solid starting center for the Blazers for a long time. Justin Jackson and Harry Giles however, have just as high potential as Collins.

Justin Jackson may be a junior, but he is bringing something more valuable than anyone else: a winning mindset. This past season, Jackson lead his team to a national championship. He has great leadership qualities, and is a great all-around player. He is solid offensively and defensively, outside and inside. What more could you ask for from a fifteenth overall pick?

Harry Giles is a little different. I compare him to Skal Labissiere, not for his game, but for his situation. Two years ago, Skal Labissiere was a surefire top five pick. As Kings fans, we know that didn’t happen, as we stole him from the rest of the NBA with the 28th pick. He cracked under the pressure of what was expected from him at Kentucky, and rapidly fell down mocks to the later first round. Harry Giles has a very similar story. About a year ago, Giles was a contender for the first overall pick. He went through tons and tons of injuries that apparently “don’t look so bad anymore.” Giles will most likely be a lifetime D-League player, or sorry… G-League player, but for that slim chance he lives up to his potential. Wow. He is potentially a top 20 talent in the NBA.

Frank Mason might be my favorite player from college basketball. He won national player of the year and we stole him in the second round. That really happened. The best college basketball player was a second round pick. I am a huge fan of Mason, and I believe he has a legitimate chance to be better than Fox. I can’t wait to see that point guard battle.

Nonetheless, we didn’t trade every one of our assets for Porzingis, so that’s a success in and of itself. If the Kings keep their current roster, there is no reason why we won’t be 2021 NBA Champs. Get ready Kings fans. The next few years are going to be fun.

2 thoughts on “Kings 2017 NBA Draft Recap – WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

  1. nbaeverydaysite

    I thought the Kings had a good draft but I don’t like the trade that much. And it’s not about Justin Jackson, Harry Giles, or even passing on Zach Collins. I thought you guys should’ve picked Malik Monk, got a ton of hype for recreating the most fun back court in college basketball, and bank on Monk’s superstar scoring potential. I know Buddy Hield is your SG, but I feel like he could play at SF too, what are your thoughts?


    1. Buddy could maybe be a SF in some lineups but you have to remember that he still is only 6’4. He isn’t going to be able to guard the Kevin Durants or Lebron James that play the SF position every night. I like the idea of Monk and Fox playing together, but with the way the Kings are building, the more prospects the better. I love the amount of guys we have under 24 years old. With a small market like Sacramento, the more chances we have at developing a superstar the better. We are never going to be a free agent destination, so two picks is much more valuable than one, especially when you draft the best player on the national championship team and a former #1 overall prospect. Thanks for the comment though!


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