Markelle Fultz to the 76ers and Paul George to the Lakers – My Thoughts on Recent NBA Rumors

Before I start, I want to let everyone know that I will be taking a break from the all-time starting five series until the NBA Draft. With the rumors picking up, I want more time to write about the draft with hopefully another two mock drafts coming out soon. Stay tuned.

Just in the past couple days, the entire landscape of the NBA has changed. For one, the Celtics and 76ers have agreed to swap picks in the 2017 NBA Draft. We still do not know further details of the trade, other than the fact that the 76ers will receive the first pick and the Celtics will receive the third. Secondly, Paul George has recently told the Pacers that he does not intend to resign with the Indiana Pacers and has also stated that the Pacers is his prime destination.

First, the pick swap; who wins this trade? It depends on what the Celtics do with the number three pick. Obviously I think Markelle Fultz will be a good player, but if the Celtics can somehow trade the third pick for Jimmy Butler or another star, they may have won the trade. If they do, they will get a star to possibly take them over the Cavs along with another high pick in either 2018 or 2019. Markelle Fultz heading to Philly is almost a given, as Joel Embiid tweeted all about his potential teammate yesterday.

Secondly, Paul George has apparently told the Indiana Pacers that he will not resign with them in the 2018 offseason and that he wants to be a Los Angeles Laker. What does this mean, not only for George and the Pacers, but for the rest of the NBA?

Obviously this is not good for the Pacers. Anytime a team’s star player tells them he’s not interested in resigning, it’s not a good day. Not only that, but he also possibly screwed over the Pacers’ chances of getting anything valuable in return for him. With the Pacers not able to win a championship next year, they will most likely look to trade PG-13 before the 2018 trade deadline. Because other teams know that George will probably move on to the Lakers in the offseason, he doesn’t have the same value if he were undecided on his next team. Instead of the Pacers taking Kevin Love and a package of picks for Paul George, they now won’t get anymore than someone like Iman Shumpert and possibly another pick.

Because of this, a contender should move an expiring contract and a couple future picks for Paul George to bring them over the top. Anything more though, I would probably consider overpaying.

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