All-Time Heat Starting Five – What Could’ve Been?

Tim Hardaway – PG

Tim Hardaway played the second half of his career primarily with the Miami Heat alongside fellow Heat legend, Alonzo Mourning. It was tough for me to determine if Hardaway belonged with the Warriors or the Heat, but I ultimately selected Miami, despite his numbers being prominently better in Golden State. After one year of mediocrity in Miami, him and Mourning exploded on to the stage of great NBA duos while winning 61 games in their second season together.

Dwayne Wade – SG

Next to Paul Pierce, Carmelo Anthony, and other loyal, volume scoring wings, Dwayne Wade is one of my favorite players not associated with the Sacramento Kings. Although many people might not like it, Wade’s ability to draw contact is in the elite levels of competition. He was an integral part of the Heat’s first three championships: one with Shaq, the other two with the big three. Unfortunately, Wade will most likely not retire with the Heat, as they were unwilling to pay him the money he deserved. There are rumors that Wade intends to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason in an effort to win his fourth ring.

Glen Rice – SF

How are Glen Rice and Kanye West not the same person? Seriously, they are identical. Despite only leading the Heat to a positive record once, Rice finds himself on this list for putting Miami on the map as a real basketball team. In Rice’s first season with the team, they finished 18-64. Over time, he improved the Heat averaging 19 points per game over 6 seasons. Eventually, he would be traded to the Hornets for Alonzo Mourning.

Chris Bosh – PF/C

Unfortunately, Lebron is obviously classified as a Cavalier, so Chris Bosh is the perfect forward to use. Without Bosh signing with the Heat, Lebron probably wouldn’t have taken his talents to south beach either. That being said, Bosh was still a great player and an integral part of the Heat’s back to back championships. He averaged 18 points and 7 rebounds in Miami.

Alonzo Mourning – C

Fortunately for Alonzo Mourning, he arrived in Miami at the perfect time. Tim Hardaway had been traded there the previous season, and the entirety of the team was still building chemistry. Including his second stint with the Heat from 2005-2008, Mourning averaged 16 points and 8 rebounds in Miami, while winning a championship alongside Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O’Neal.

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