All-Time Hawks Starting Five – Volume Scorers Galore?

Steve Smith – SG

The current TNT analyst was at one time one of the best scoring wings in the NBA. He played arguably his 5 best seasons in Atlanta, averaging 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and almost 19 points per game. He also created a new signature move in his 13 year career. He seemed to start a post-up from beyond the three point line, then he spun out of it in the direction he was already facing. All-Star point guard, Isaiah Thomas uses this move very frequently.

Joe Johnson – SG/SF

Joe Johnson was given the nickname, “Iso Joe” for his ability to score over almost anybody in isolation and his countless buzzer beaters he’s hit in his career. In the 2017 NBA playoffs, Johnson showcased these abilities as a member of the Utah Jazz. He hit a game winning layup in game 1 of the first round of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers. He hit many more similar shots with the Hawks in his prime, playing alongside Al Horford and Josh Smith.

Lou Hudson – SF/SG

The original “Sweet Lou” is one of the best Atlanta Hawks players of all time. He is one out of only four players to have his number currently retired by the Hawks. He averaged 22 points and 5 rebounds playing for both the Atlanta and St. Louis Hawks. When I was watching tape of him playing, I was surprised to see him running around without the ball in his hands. Most players back then scored only through isolation, yet Hudson was looking to get open for midrange jumpers, not a common style from back then.

Dominique Wilkins – SF

When you think of all athletes to ever play in Atlanta, Wilkins is almost always the first guy you think of. He was another one of Michael Jordan’s many rivals, both in and out of the dunk contest. The human highlight film produced a lot more than highlights, as he averaged over 26 points during his 12-season tenure with the Hawks. As I mentioned earlier, Wilkins is most notably known for taking on Michael Jordan in one the most iconic NBA slam dunk contests ever.

Bob Pettit – C/PF

Pettit averaged 26 points and 16 rebounds playing for the Hawks. Even in his time, these were very impressive numbers as he was selected to 11 All-Star games, winning MVP in 4 of them. The hall of famer also averaged over 20 rebounds for one of his 11 seasons.

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