All-Time Celtics Starting Five – How Can You Pick Just Five?

Bob Cousy – PG

The Houdini of the Hardwood; regarded as “the first man to dazzle the NBA” We talk about guys like Allen Iverson, Wilt Chamerlain, Gary Payton, and Stephen Curry as generational players because they literally change the way the game is played. Without Cousy, ball-handling and craftiness from guards might’ve never become as popular as it is today. Even something as simple as a through the legs dribble was thought of as a risky move. Cousy changed all of that, not to mention that he won MVP in 1957 and was a six-time NBA champ.

John Havlicek – SG

Next to Cousy and Bill Russell, John Havlicek was the other superstar on the Celtics from the 60’s. He may not have been the most exciting player to watch, but you can’t argue with his results. He averaged 21 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists while making 13 All-Star teams and (obviously) winning 8 NBA championships.

Paul Pierce – SF

The Celtics’ forward spots were extremely hard for me to decide. The second spot came down to Kevin McHale and Paul Pierce. Eventually, I decided to show a little appreciation to the Celtics’ recent championship squad with the selection of Pierce, but I couldn’t have gone wrong either way. Pierce is personally one of my favorite players in NBA history. The loyalty he showed to a struggling Celtics team along with his scoring ability and clutch factor were his most likable factors. Even though these two moments weren’t part of his Celtics career, his playoff runs with the Nets and Wizards included some of the most clutch shots I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, he will retire with only one ring in 2008.

Larry Bird – SF

Prior to Lebron James, Larry Bird was considered the best forward in NBA history with very little consideration. Larry Legend lead the Celtics to three championships in the 80’s and was one of Michael Jordan’s biggest rivals. Bird’s legacy will never die in Boston, as he averaged 24 points per game over his 13 year career. Unfortunately, he eventually had to retire due to injury troubles.

Bill Russell – C

Bill Russell is the greatest winner in American professional sports history. Better than Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, and anyone who ever played for the Yankees. Bill Russell went on an absolutely legendary streak of 11 championships in his relatively short 13-year career. Russell won the championship over 80% of the time he was in the league! He added 15 points and 22 rebounds to a legendary squad of John Havlicek, Bob Cousy, and Sam Jones.

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