All Time Bulls Starting Five – Triple MVP?

Derrick Rose – PG

In Derrick Rose’s relatively short time in the NBA, he has gone from the MVP and hometown hero of the Chicago Bulls, to a washed up, injury prone star with the New York Knicks. Luckily, the Derrick Rose that this team gets is the youngest MVP winner of all time. In his very short-lived prime, Derrick Rose was one of the most crafty and athletic players in NBA history. Everyone in Chicago constantly raved about how high his potential really was after winning MVP at the age of 22 years old. Unfortunately, he would never completely live up to those standards. Nonetheless he still averaged about 20 points and 6 assists in his time in his hometown of Chicago.

Michael Jordan – SG

I shouldn’t have to explain this pick at all. Most consider him the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time), and he may one of the most iconic athletes of all time. Not only did he average about 31 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, while also earning 5 MVP and 1 Defensive Player of the Year awards, but he also lead the Chicago Bulls to 2 separate “threepeats,” broken up by a year of playing professional baseball. Jordan was a class act in everything he did, whether it be selling sneakers, acting, playing baseball, and of course playing basketball.

Scottie Pippen – SF

Scottie Pippen was Michael Jordan’s right hand man through all of the Bulls’ 6 championship runs. He averaged 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists as a Bull, but was mainly noticed as a lockdown defender as he made an All-Defensive team 10 times throughout his career. It is safe to say that without Pippen, Michael Jordan wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.

Dennis Rodman – PF/C

Anyone that considers Dennis Rodman as a Piston is crazy. Sure. Maybe he was a better player as a Piston and fit better with that team, but he was still an integral part of Michael Jordan winning his fourth, fifth, and sixth NBA championships. He averaged 15 rebounds per game with the Bulls. His hype, scrappiness, and energy on the court reminds me a lot of Draymond Green. Fans of other teams might not be the biggest fans of those two guys, but they do whatever is needed to help their team win.

Artis Gilmore – C

Artis Gilmore is relatively unknown in the NBA world. He won an ABA MVP award and championship. His post moves and overall scoring ability reminds me of that of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Gilmore shot 60% from the field while averaging 19 points per game on the Bulls. Nicknamed the A-Train, Gilmore also once played in 670 consecutive games.

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