All-Time Starting Fives – The Intro

I’ve been looking for a series of posts to make for a long time. With only the Finals going on, there aren’t a lot of front office moves to talk about, so I’ve decided to talk about the best possible all-time starting five for every NBA team.

Here are the rules.

  • Every player can only be used once. For example, Lebron James can NOT be used on the Cavaliers and the Heat. He will only be part of the Cavaliers all-time five.
  • Each team’s five needs two guards, two forwards, and one center. I make the final call on what position certain players play, so if you disagree, too bad.
  • I’m not taking into consideration how these players would play together. I’m taking the five players that are the best available. For example, it doesn’t matter if I take four ball-dominant players. If they are the best guys, that’s who makes it on the list.

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