2017 Lakers NBA Draft – Lonzo Ball?

“With reports surfacing that the LA Lakers and former UCLA guard Lonzo Ball have finalized the details of a workout and face to face meeting in LA next week, there is a growing sense that unless Lonzo absolutely blows the doors off, he may not be the Lakers’ guy. The Lakers are weeks away from needing to make their final decision, but there are many that believe the Lakers could go after both Kansas forward Josh Jackson and Kentucky guard De’Aaron Fox with the second overall pick.”

These were the words of Steve Kyler of NESN about the chances of the Lakers selecting Lonzo Ball in the 2017 NBA Draft. If you are interested, read more at: http://nesn.com/2017/06/nba-rumors-lonzo-ball-sliding-down-lakers-draft-board-due-to-lavar-ball/

According to Kyler, the Lakers see Lonzo’s dad Lavar has a huge red flag in drafting the young Bruin point guard. Though Lavar certainly doesn’t help his son’s draft stock, I don’t think he is doing enough to hurt it substantially either. If the Lakers are really interested in Lonzo’s talent, they will draft him with the second pick.

Why would the Lakers say something like this then? I think it all has to do with motivation for Lonzo and the rest of the Ball family. He and his dad have both stated that he only plans to work out with the Lakers prior to the draft. They seem pretty confident that they have a spot waiting for them in Los Angeles. I think the Lakers feel like they are being taken advantage of, and they want to see him try to be his best.

The Lakers have reportedly scheduled workouts with De’Aaron Fox, Dennis Smith, and Josh Jackson in the past week. I still believe that the Lakers will select Lonzo Ball with the second overall pick, but if one of those three guys can impress them enough, it is possible for them to have a change of heart.

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