Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry – Future Teammates?

Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry are both elite NBA point guards that struggle year after year in the playoffs. Chris Paul, now 32 years old, probably has one last chance at a max contract in the NBA, however his time as a Los Angeles Clipper make quickly be coming to an end. Kyle Lowry is in a very similar position to Chris Paul. He also has limited success in the playoffs and an expiring contract.

Where will each of them end up? Chris Paul has been linked to the Pelicans, Spurs, and to resign with the Clippers. In my opinion, it is impossible for Chris Paul to mess up this decision. Returning to New Orleans to play with the two best big men in the NBA (hands down) would be a great improvement over his current situation playing with solid bigs and average talent to surround them. While resigning with the Clippers seems like the safest move for cp3, he can still look back at the zero conference finals he made in the past six years with Clippers and base his decision off of that.

Kyle Lowry has been linked to his hometown Philadelphia 76ers, Knicks, Spurs, and also resigning with the Raptors. In my opinion, the 76ers and Knicks don’t make a lot of sense for Kyle Lowry. The Knicks still desire to trade Melo and Porzingis also doesn’t look too happy right now either after a series of mysterious tweets. The Sixers on the other hand are a team on the rise. By the time Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Dario Saric are in their prime, Lowry will be out of his, not getting him any closer to a spot in the NBA Finals. Once again for Lowry, the Raptors are a safe choice. They will more than likely be a top four seed in the east again next year and probably be eliminated once again by the Cleveland Cavaliers like they were the past two seasons. I am convinced that Lowry is done with losing to Lebron, and wants an immediate contender.

Enter the San Antonio Spurs. Tony Parker is already starting to lose the battle against father time after rupturing his quad in the playoffs. He will likely not be back to starting point guard form for the rest of his career. Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry have each shared mutual interest from the Spurs, and most people expect one to sign with them, but why not both?

I think their games compliment each others pretty nicely. Lowry has shown his ability to play off-ball playing next to Demar Derozan constantly while playing with the Raptors, and the Spurs will probably take advantage of all of his skills to the max. The passing vision and accuracy of Chris Paul also could be an integral part of the future of the San Antonio Spurs. If you manage to find a way to put them together, the possibilities are endless, they could start next to each other, while staggering their minutes for the rest of the game similarly to how Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins play in New Orleans.

The only issue is unfortunately the cap space. Not only would the Spurs have to trade Pau Gasol and/or Lamarcus Aldridge along with overpaid role players like Danny Green or even Tony Parker who wouldn’t have a huge role in this new system. In the end, I hope both players get what’s best for them and the team that they each choose.

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